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Summary0004785: Developer by resolution - percent fixed incorrect

A develops with 8 issues has "57%" fixed on my local copy. This can't be accurate because 57% is 4.56 issues. The other accounts seem to be accurate, but do not have any "duplicate" or "unable to duplicate" issues.

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Attached summary.html contains the table with highlighted error.

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2004-10-28 04:17


summary.html (1,623 bytes)


2004-10-28 08:34

reporter   ~0008194

The last four columns (Duplicate, Not An Issue, Suspended, and Won't Fix) are not counted in the bug total for the purpose of the percentage. The calculation is #fixed / (total - #not bugs).



2004-10-28 09:26

reporter   ~0008197

I can see how that makes sense, but it isn't clear in the summary as it makes no distinction states that are not classed as a bug.



2004-10-28 10:20

reporter   ~0008199

Maybe we can shade the background differently for those columns not counted.

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