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0004963mantisbtfeaturepublic2015-05-11 11:17
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Summary0004963: Add ability to "lock" bugreports (prevent adding of bugnotes)

It would be nice to have an option that can prevent any further posts by normal users in a bugreport (on a per-bugid basis), bit like thread locking in forums.
Of course, the reporter and DEVELOPER's (or whatever level you choose or make optional) should be excluded from this limitation.

Additional Information

We tend to have users that like to start whole off-topic discussions in a bugreport, or start all kinds of great explanations and theories on a bug when we in fact already acknowledged the issue and know how to fix it, so this is quite annoying... I usually set the bugreport as private now to shut them up, but this is not really preferable :).

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2004-12-11 19:17

reporter   ~0008582

I believe you can define up to what state bugnotes can be added, but this sounds like a good feature.



2015-04-28 02:57

manager   ~0050651

By default we currently consider an issue in read-only state once it is resolved. Users with access level above configured threshold for the follow config can still add notes.


  • Threshold needed to update readonly bugs. Readonly bugs are identified via
  • $g_bug_readonly_status_threshold.
  • @global integer $g_update_readonly_bug_threshold
    $g_update_readonly_bug_threshold = MANAGER;

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