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Summary0005048: Sort My View by _____

Would like to be able to sort [per user] (set a default) by priority & severity rather than only update timestamp. Would be a good quick view on high priority bugs and glitches.

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duplicate of 0007840 acknowledged Customizable 'my view' page 




2005-02-23 03:31

reporter   ~0009365

I do agree, this would be helpful.



2005-02-23 08:57

reporter   ~0009369

Last edited: 2005-02-23 08:59

A non-configurable fix for this is to edit the code in core/my_view_inc.php. Add the lines
'sort' => 'priority,severity',
'dir' => 'DESC,DESC'
to any of the filter definitions. I can explain this in more detail offline, please email me.

(Note the multiple sort criteria only works with the CVS version).

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