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0005073mantisbtadministrationpublic2018-09-12 08:42
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Summary0005073: Add hide inactive projects filter on manage projects page

As Mantis matures, it would be nice to have a feature where I could archive projects that become inactive after a time or simply be able to set them aside so that they don't show in the regular project list. Or maybe even have a feature that auto-archives projects after a particular period of activity. Of course, in this scheme, projects could be re-activated.

Just a thought... I'm sure others may want to add to this idea.

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has duplicate 0024751 closedatrol Manage Projects. Hide Inactive Projects. 




2005-01-06 10:13

reporter   ~0008864

When I go to "manage projects" and uncheck "enabled" for a project, I am no longer able to see issues for that project, and can no longer report issues for that project. When I enable the project again, everything is back to normal. This should address your issue from a user's perspective. When the project is not enabled, there is no evidence of its existence.

If you were wanting to actually remove records from the database (which is what I would actually expect when you use the word "archive"), that's another story.



2005-01-06 11:24

reporter   ~0008869

Thanks. This helps from a user presentation perspective, but from a management perspective, I can still end up with a long list of projects, many of which could be inactive, and thus makes them harder to wade through. If archiving is not possible, then at least it would be nice to have an easier way of navigating through them.. perhaps having a filter to not show the disabled.

Re: archiving in terms of the database, yes it would be nice to have a tool that can extract a project from the database, but this is secondary to me, in that for now, I just want it to be easier to organize my projects, a list which is getting rather long.



2005-01-06 12:25

reporter   ~0008872

OK, so I assume that when you refer to a management perspective you are talking about the manage projects page. I think it would be easy and sensible to add a "hide inactive" filter, just like the one that already exists on the manage users page.



2005-01-06 12:33

reporter   ~0008875

Yes, I mean the "Manage Projects" page. :) Thanks.



2014-10-05 05:48

reporter   ~0041353

Manage_project_page in 1.2.17 could stlil do with having a 'disabled' filter functionality added.



2014-11-23 23:49

manager   ~0041891

I've changed the title of the issue based on the new desired scope.



2018-09-12 08:42

reporter   ~0060646

still relevant

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