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0005275mantisbtemailpublic2019-02-08 07:54
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Product Version1.2.17 
Summary0005275: Category Owners/E-Mail

At present, categories have the option to have all bugs submitted automatically assigned to a user. I would prefer an option where you set a category owner who is e-mailed on any new bug entires but the bug status remains as new. The category owner can then manually assign the bug as he needs to.

Of course, the existing system should stay so they can also be assigned automatically.

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has duplicate 0025459 closedatrol Email on selected categories 




2005-04-04 05:17

reporter   ~0009704

We badly need this feature in our company as we have several "developer" who doesn't need to get an email of a new issue as long as they are not involved with the issue category. For example we have 3 software developer and 2 hardware engineers in a project. The hardware guys started to "cry" cause of the amount of unwanted email notification during the software testing phase.

It would be nice to tune up the email notification and category thing with some ownership management.



2014-10-10 17:57

reporter   ~0041537

Behaviour same in 1.2.17 - would be useful to implement this I believe.