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Summary0005281: Keep submission form filled with entered values in case of bad/missing field(s)

It should be very nice to have the form filled with values entered previously when the submission is not correct and to have some kind of highlighting on missing or bad values like on the attached screenshot

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has duplicate 0011288 closedthraxisp write description, omit category, submit, then back 


2005-02-25 05:04


MissingDescription.png (28,405 bytes)   
MissingDescription.png (28,405 bytes)   


2005-02-25 10:48

reporter   ~0009387

See 0003729, 0004520.



2005-02-25 11:40

reporter   ~0009388

Yes, this is related to 0003729 and 0004520 but what I propose here is to show the form again with a focus on missing/bad fields who is really much friendlier than an error message!

Also, implementing this solve somewhat issues 0003729 and 0004520...



2008-08-11 08:47

reporter   ~0019105

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Hi, I only started to use the product recently (07/2008) and it came to my attention that this is still the case;
When a bug is created but, for instance due to a missing mandatory value, the user is returned to the incident page with all fields blanked out...
Very, very annoying if one just passed a certain time to provide a detailed description and scenario to reproduce, which needs to be all entered all over again. Every self-respecting application keeps, upon returning, the correctly filled in fields at least. Hence my request : would it be possible to set session variables on the input form and simply, upon returning, print in the correct fields the corresponding session variables values ?
That would save a lot of time and nerves (and doesn't seem like a difficult modification to make) ;)