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Summary0005490: Copy Project

If there is a project with all settings and I need another one that is similar to that one it would be nice if it would be allowed to copy the whole project und rename it. And then I got a new project with the same settings.

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2006-08-17 05:24

reporter   ~0013281

Yes, that would be great.

Maybe there is a was to copy projects with phpmyadmin?



2007-11-20 08:03

reporter   ~0016250

This feature would be good for us too. I have to copy projects sometimes, and it takes hours to do this job.



2007-11-22 03:04

manager   ~0016260

The approach we are heading so far is to allow copying some settings from one project to another. So:

  • Assume you have project A
  • Create project B
  • Copy categories from A to B
  • Copy versions from A to B.
  • etc.

Hence, following are my questions:

  1. What are the properties of a project that should be copied as part of a "copy project"? For example: custom fields, categories, versions, user access, issues, sub-projects, configuration, etc?

  2. Do we need a "copy project" option? or should we just provide separate options for copying the data so that the user has control on what should be selected.



2007-11-22 03:39

reporter   ~0016261

Hi VBoctor,

We do not need really a "Copy project option" this is right. I think we should only copy all properties (except bugs). This time I don't need to copy sub-projects, and if I could copy project's properties it would be enough. (Then a subproject copy would mean create a subproject, and copy properties.)

  • Custom fields should be copied with their order (given number)
  • Categories should be copied with their assignee
  • Versions: I don't need them, but I think there are some people, who need this
  • And of course user access should be copied

Best regards,
George Fischhof

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