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0005580mantisbtrelationshipspublic2007-01-28 10:07
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Summary0005580: Display of relationships in bug view (feature request)

At present the related bugs list is sorted by relationship type then order relationship was added - if you have a fairly long list this isn't particularly helpful in identifying the priority that the related incidents need to be addressed.

  1. It would help if the priority indicator column was added to the grid.

  2. The current sort order is not useful. I'm not sure if sorting firstly by relationship type is useful (there is no particular significance for the order this gives I can see). I would suggest a default order of priority (providing the priority column is displayed as without it it does not make a lot of sense) then bug_id.

  3. It would be nice if the user could define the sort order for themselves. This could be either fixed (configured at a system level) or dynamic (perhaps by adding clickable column headings to the grid).

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2006-04-27 10:36

reporter   ~0012740

I'd like to second this one. Our QA department would love to see this implemented.



2006-09-25 07:10

reporter   ~0013492

I modified the relationship API to use

ORDER BY relationship_type, status, category, $t_mantis_bug_relationship_table.source_bug_id";

on the relationship-database-queries.

That's really useful.

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