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0005583mantisbtfeaturepublic2020-03-19 13:01
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Summary0005583: Ability to return user to their originating page after updating a bug

I need a way to go from updating the bug, back to the page I was on.

So say, I'm on the My View page, I click the pencil graphic by the bug I wanted to update, then when I'm done updating, I click on the submit button, I want to be taken back to the My View page.

Currently, I will be taken by default to the View Bug page.

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Perhaps this could work alongside the current submit button at the bottom of the update bug form? (i.e. in addition to the submit button, there is a submit button that says "Update bug and return to <pagename>."

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2005-05-09 14:43

reporter   ~0010052

We could probably take a similar approach to "set_project" and cache the referrer for the update.

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