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0005600mantisbtsecuritypublic2017-01-18 10:18
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Summary0005600: Security - System-Logging

Some kind of system logging would be nice. It could be useful for tracking what has happened in parts of the system not related to bugs.

Examples are: all emails sent, all userids changed, ...

Logging would be controlled by a configuration variable, and log to a file initially. Other methods should be created as required (potentially with different channels to different log files or whatever.

Logging will not be localized, nor will there be extensive documentation.

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2005-05-13 18:05

reporter   ~0010124

Initial version committed to CVS. Email logging added.

config_defaults_inc.php ->1.263
core.php ->1.41
core/constant_inc.php -> 1.47
core/email_api.php -> 1.116
core/logging_api.php -> 1.1