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Summary0005669: "versions" of parent project should be used in subprojects.

I would like to simplify the management of several projects that have the same "version" by assigning them to the same parent project. Then the "version" for the filters and for drop-down boxes could use the version numbers of the parent project.

Issue 0005599, which is said to be fixed, claims to implement such a thing (at least in my understanding), but it does not do it.

It would also be usedful if project-categories can be configured in the same centralised way.

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See also my other report 0005666 on duplicates when version numbers are used the other way around.

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duplicate of 0005668 acknowledged "versions" of parent project should be used in subprojects. 




2005-05-30 11:37

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Sorry, this again is a duplicate of 0005668, due to database problems (No "Operation Successfull" page, but me or the browser did a retry. (I can´t remember that I did a "reload" this time, but I can´t imagine that the browser that does this itself... ))

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