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Summary0005681: Showing only used profile entries is not good for preparing saved filters

In the user case where someone is setting up a set of saved filters to be used in the future, or to be shared with others, the user may want to use values that do not necessarily exist yet in issues in the database.

The options to consider are:

  • Show all entires.
  • Show [none] and [any], followed by used entries, then a unused entries. Ideally we should differentiate between used and unused entries.

In my opinion just showing all entries will be more efficient and less confusing. The first time I used the profiles filter, I thought it didn't work since it didn't show the profiles that were defined.

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2008-08-07 11:41

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Considering with filter api rewrite.



2014-01-25 09:36

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Unassigned after having been assigned for a long time without progress.

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