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0005688mantisbtfeaturepublic2018-05-24 06:13
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Summary0005688: Allow bugnotes to be moved to another issue

After clicking Edit for a bugnote, add button allowing bugnote to be copied/moved to another issue. Good for situations where someone has added several useful the wrong issue. Or would like to copy pertinent info to another bug.

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has duplicate 0024479 closedatrol Moving notes to another ticket 




2014-10-10 18:08

reporter   ~0041542

If copying/moving a bug note, should the author of the bugnote remain that of the original author, or of the user copying/moving the note?



2014-10-11 03:51

developer   ~0041551

Moving should definitely keep the original author IMO.

Copying is slightly more tricky. I would say keep original author as well, but somehow make it clear that it was copied and linking back to original note, e.g. by adding text at end of bugnote like "Copied from ~XXXX" or alternatively modify the structure of bugnote table to allow referencing other notes (although that may be too much)



2014-11-25 11:15

manager   ~0041907

I would rather resolve as won't fix. Uncommon and has been open for 9 years.

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