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Summary0005887: How about a daily report send by email to managers and developers?

I think such a daily report would be nice to keep managers and developers on track with their projects. There may be some projects untouched for a long time, with daily reports they come into mind again!
I experienced some developers don't look after their bugs. With such reports I hope they get reminded!

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has duplicate 0005794 closeddhx Daily report via email 
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2005-08-23 09:25

reporter   ~0011265

Last edited: 2005-08-23 09:28

A package can be downloaded here. In this package, only French and English are supported. To use it:

  • Rename the 'reminder_config_inc.php.sample' to 'reminder_config_inc.php' and update it to your settings.

  • Add the following line at the end of the config_inc.php file:

require_once( dirname( FILE ) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'reminder_config_inc.php' );

  • Add the following line at the end of the custom_strings_inc.php file (create it if it does not exist):

require_once( dirname( FILE ) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'reminder_custom_strings_inc.php' );

To send reminders to developpers, simply execute the following command:

php /mantis/installation/directory/reminder.php

An email is send to the handler of the bug if the bug is assigned (and not resolved).
An email is send to the manager of the project if one bug is not assigned.

You can create a scheduled task to do it each day.



2005-08-23 09:39

reporter   ~0011267

Example of email send (Project and Summary are changed to the corresponding Project and Summary):

The following issue(s) has(ve) been assigned to you and is(are) not resolved.

Assign date: 02-21-05 14:05 (168 days)
More info:

Assign date: 03-09-05 14:11 (152 days)
More info:



2005-08-23 09:47

reporter   ~0011270

Reminder sent to: drtns



2005-08-23 09:49

reporter   ~0011271

Please, remove my email address in the reminder.php file (line 317 and line 362) !!



2005-08-23 11:05

reporter   ~0011272

I thank you very much for your work! The reminder works fine but there is one little problem.
reminder.php takes its servername from config_defaults_inc.php rather than config_inc.php. So I had some Mails with :-)



2005-08-23 11:23

reporter   ~0011273

Last edited: 2005-08-23 11:25

Happy that it can help you :-)

The bug come from mantis and not from the reminder.php file. In fact, all # followed by a number are converted by mantis into an html link.
The reminder.php use this functionality. For the previous example, the reminder.php file constructs the email by writting the following string :
"More info: # 40" and the string is converted by mantis.

If you have some mails with, you probably have some links with in the mantis pages.

The best solution is to overwrite the $g_path variable.



2006-02-06 14:32

reporter   ~0012103

Has this been tested against 1.0? will it work as is?



2006-02-07 02:50

reporter   ~0012104

Yes, it has been tested with the mantis 1.0.0 and it works.

2006-04-13 04:17


reminder_new.tar.gz (4,117 bytes)


2006-04-13 04:19

reporter   ~0012495

Please, use the reminder_new.tar.gz file instead of reminder.tar.gz.

Admin, could you remove the reminder.tar.gz file please. Thanks.



2006-08-08 23:45

reporter   ~0013232

I tried this on a very fresh Mantis installation running on Kubuntu and got the following error.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in /var/www/mantis/core/adodb/drivers/ on line 338



2006-08-09 02:01

manager   ~0013233

deboutv, thanks for your contribution. I've removed the old attachment.



2006-08-09 03:31

reporter   ~0013238

brownslink, is your mantis installation works fine without the reminder package ?
Try to browse (in your favorite browser) the page reminder.php.

vboctor, the WiKi can help in this case, no ? Is it possible to create the page (I didn't have the create button) ?



2006-08-09 04:05

manager   ~0013241

deboutv, I've created the associated wiki page, I'm not sure if you will have access rights to edit it. Try it and let me know.



2006-09-09 17:47

reporter   ~0013351

Please, attach the file reminder_new.tar.gz again!

2006-09-11 03:13


reminder_new2.tar.gz (4,117 bytes)


2006-09-11 03:14

reporter   ~0013354

Last edited: 2006-09-11 03:15

Now it's reminder_new2.tar.gz file (no difference with the old file).

Admin, could you remove the reminder_new.tar.gz file please. Thanks.



2006-09-11 03:18

manager   ~0013355

Thanks deboutv for re-attaching the file. I'll keep these zombie attachments for a while, just in case I manage to get the files.



2006-09-14 10:45

reporter   ~0013384

The wiki page has been lost during the domain migration?



2007-02-09 04:28

reporter   ~0014018

Hello deboutv,

I've downloaded your package and set it up on MANTIS 1.0.6 on OS Windows 2000 SP4
I followed the instructions that you 've given in the firs note.
I 've tried to do un test by executing the folling command:

C:\Program Files\EasyPHP1-8\www\mantis>reminder.php

the only thing it does is to open the file with wordpad; this is normal.
How can I do to get an e-mail by test ?
Another question:
In this part of code in the file reminder_config_inc.php :

    # First reminder
    $g_first_remind = 1;

    # Second remind
    $g_second_remind = 2;

# Assign reminder
$g_first_assign_remind = 1;
$g_second_assign_remind = 2;    

What does these variables reprensent ? a number of day ?
How does your module knows that it must send an e-mail ?

I understand the work done by the module ( look at the database, edit the body e-mail), but I don't understand where is the "starting-point".

If you have answers, even short, I think it can help me.





2007-02-09 04:50

reporter   ~0014019

Last edited: 2007-02-09 04:55

Hello Jean-Philippe,

First, a new release of this plugin will arrive soon (probably Monday or Tuesday). See (you'll find other plugins).

To send emails you need to execute:

  • under unix: /usr/bin/php reminder.php
  • under windows: C:\Program Files\php\php.exe reminder.php (or something like that).

In the new release it will be possible to send email by browsing a webpage (take a look at Weekly plugin, the Reminder plugin will be the same).

Yes, the variables *_remind represents days.
The plugin sends an email if there is at least one bug not resolved/assigned.

Here is an example ($gfirst_remind = 2, $gsecond_remind = 4):

Feb 1 => posting a new bug
Feb 2 => no email send
Feb 3 => email send to notify the unassigned status
Feb 4 => no email send
Feb 5 => email send to notify the unassigned status
Feb 6 => email send to notify the unassigned...
Feb 10 => status changed to assigned
Feb 11 => no email
Feb 12 => assignee receives an email to notify the unresolved status
Feb 13 => no email
Feb 14 => assignee receives...
Feb 15 => assignee receives...
Feb 20 => status changed to resolved
Feb 21 => no email

PS: If you need the new release now (today), I probably can send you the package.



2007-02-09 09:09

reporter   ~0014022

Thanks for you help ! it helped me !

Then I had others problems:

1- when i launched php.exe : "Unable to load dynamic library _c:\php\php_gd2.dll le module spécifié est introuvable"
the file php_gd2.dll was not present. I found it on the web and put it in
C:\Program Files\EasyPHP1-8\php.
then I went in php.ini and deleted the ";" before extension=php_gd2.dll.

then I edited a file test.bat that I put in the directory C:\Program Files\EasyPHP1-8\www\mantis (where is located my file reminder.php)
In file test.bat I put "C:\Program Files\EasyPHP1-8\php\php.exe" reminder.php

C:\Program Files\EasyPHP1-8\php\php.exe needed to be between "". If not, it didn't find the path.

now it works perfecly.

Another question:

Is it possible to send a remind by mail before a certain status is set ?

Example :
Feb 1 => posting a new bug
Feb 2 => no email send
Feb 3 => status changed to assigned
custom field 'date of delivery' filled in with 10/02
Feb 4 => no email send
Feb 5 => email send to notify the developer that he has 5 days to solve the bug
Feb 6 => email send to notify the developer that he has 4 days to solve the bug
Feb 10 => status changed to resolved
Feb 11 => no email

Do you know what I mean ? I'm french sometimes I'm not too sure of my english....

PS.: i visited your website, you seem to be french...
I carry on to put notes in english for the rest of the world....



2007-02-09 09:30

reporter   ~0014023

Is it possible to send a remind by mail before a certain status is set ?

No, not with this plugin. I'll add this feature in the next release ( ;)).

PS: Yes, I am.



2007-02-14 15:30

reporter   ~0014043

A new release of the plugin can be downloaded here: (Plugin Reminder)



2007-02-15 03:40

reporter   ~0014048

OK, I 've begun to set up plugin manager.

if foloowed tthe instructions of your web site:
1.extract to root directory

  1. add line to config_inc.php
  2. add line to custom_strings_in.php

then i couldn't login.(the url bacame something like http://...../MANTIS/login_page.php? ....%2Fmantis%2F ....
and the page was blank.

i've commented out the line in custom_strings_inc.php and it works...

Is this normal ? works...



2007-02-15 04:35

reporter   ~0014049


Can you report it into

Thank you.



2009-02-23 06:35

reporter   ~0020920

Hi All,

Im confused with 0005887:0014022. I have the same issue. Have to send the daily status report to Managers.

Steps I have followed:

  1. Installed plugin manager.
  2. Installed reminder plugin using plugin manager.
  3. configured some settings to my need.
  4. Followed the steps given in this task 0005887:0011265,

However how to exec the command mentioned in that; Instead I need to set up scheduler as im using Windows. I have to collect the details needed for status report at the end of the day or status report should be send to Manager everyday morning for the previous day.
These jobs has to be done automatically.




2009-04-17 06:11

reporter   ~0021585


How to set this as a cron job in LINUX using virtual Webmin;

I tried to set like "" this, as we can set up the 'date and time' using the gui part provided in the Webmin.

but i am facing an error 'No files or directory found'.

Can anyone let me know how to set a cron job manually from Terminal(command line) in linux. As i am working in windows i do not know how to create a cron manually from Terminal.



2009-04-17 06:17

reporter   ~0021586


This is the error i am facing:

/bin/sh: 0: command not found



2009-04-17 06:32

reporter   ~0021587


If I set 'http://hostname/mantis/plugin.php?page=Reminder/bug_reminder_mail.php' it is throwing an error message as
'No such file or Directory' found

If I mention the exact file path say '/home/xxx/public_html/mantis/plugins/reminder/pages/bug_reminder_mail.php' It is saying an error as 'Access Denied'



2009-04-21 05:40

reporter   ~0021610

However I have provided all the access to 'mantis' directory, the reminder job could not be set as 'Cron job'

Please let me know your thoughts



2009-04-21 06:57

reporter   ~0021611

Finally i found out the issue; however i am facing another issue. Before in the syntax given in the 'Read.html' of docs, for setting up cron "/1440 * lynx --dump http://mantis/reminder...."
In this 'lynx' is an RPM, for text based browser, so it has to be installed right away... So i installed it.

But now if i have logged out of application and try to run the cron job, it executes, but the login page is displayed in the front end, instead it is not notifying the users about their, 'Deadline'

How to pass the username and password as an argument to the cronjob.... syntax....

Its an urgent but no one responds........

please respond to it



2009-10-11 22:16

reporter   ~0023130

any way to get this wo work in version 1.1.8? There is no plugin manager and I am having a hard time porting it.



2009-10-12 20:34

reporter   ~0023155

Ok - got it to work. For windows server users that DONT support sendmail, but can use php mail... (i.e. mail() )... the following:

  • original -
    $t_email_send = email_send

  • modified -
    $t_email_send = mail

This will need to be done twice reminder.php

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