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0005991mantisbtfeaturepublic2006-01-10 16:32
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Summary0005991: Use of "Project Status" field while reporting & filtering bugs

Usually there are various states of a Project, usually:
Requirements, Design, Development, Integration, Testing, UAT, Production

It would be useful to track bugs logged in the various stages of a project. As the project moves from one stage to another, the project manager can change the state of the project.

While reporting bugs, there could be <<unedited>> field called "Project State" that is a copy from the "Project Status" field. These bugs can then be filtered using the "project status" field. This is to track bugs by the stages of the project.

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2005-07-24 03:44

reporter   ~0010936

Reminder sent to: thraxisp

Hi Thraxisp,

I have solved this issue partially till now. I have now customized till the following:

  1. Added a new column in the "mantis_bug_table" for storing the "project status" data

  2. Added the unedited field in the "bug_report_page" and "bug_report_advanced_page" to display and add the "project_status" data with each submission of the bug (both simple & advanced). For doing this, I have modified the file, "bug_api.php".

  3. I am now stuck at the point to add a new filter parameter to filter bugs by this new parameter. Any pointer for this would be very helpful.

Thanks a lot !



2006-01-10 16:32

reporter   ~0011900

Question for you:

what is the code are you added in page :bug_report_page" and "bug_report_advanced_page"