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0006016mantisbtfilterspublic2006-04-24 06:07
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Product Version1.0.0rc1 
Summary0006016: Filter by sub-product

It would be cool if you could filter issues by 1 or more sub products.
We have a parent product which contains around 15 sub products, sometimes we'd like to look at a specific few products (currently we have to change the drop down box in the top right hand corner and look at them all separately).

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2005-07-26 11:31

reporter   ~0010969

The filter currently works this way in a3 and later. If a project with subprojects is shown in the project selector, the bug list reflects that project plus any subprojects.

Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram

2005-07-26 11:33

reporter   ~0010970

Yes, but say, if we have 10 sub projects, and i only want to look at 5 of those, there is no way of doing that?



2005-07-26 14:32

reporter   ~0010971

I'll add this to the list for new filters.

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