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0006203mantisbtfilterspublic2005-08-31 23:04
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Product Version1.0.0rc1 
Summary0006203: If a custom filed's possible values is setted to "=versions", the field's filter won't work

If a custom field's possible values is setted to "=function_name" format.
the field's filter won't work: the filter only has one possible option "[any]"

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2005-08-30 22:21


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2005-08-30 23:03

reporter   ~0011321

I have done more test.
And the detail is:
1 If a custom field's possible values is setted to "=versions".
2 If the field's type is "List" or "Enumeration".
3 If you have more than one projects.
4 If in the "View Issues" page, "Project:" is setted to "All projects"
then the filter won't work.

I guess if a custom field's type is list or enum, its filter values are fetched form its "possible values".
And to "All projects", =versions means nothing.



2005-08-31 09:00

reporter   ~0011327

You are correct. Most of the filters do not provide meaningful values if they are project dependent and contain project specific values. My suggestion would be to select a specific project first.



2005-08-31 23:04

reporter   ~0011336

But filters for the default fields "product version" "Fixed in Version" work even if "All projects" are selected.