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0006382mantisbtfeaturepublic2017-01-18 10:23
ReporterMark Ingram Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version1.0.0rc2 
Summary0006382: Add a NOT switch to filter settings

It would be great to have a NOT switch in some of the filter settings. For example:

Versions, we have 5.98, 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 etc

I would like to filter for any version that is not 5.98. In the current state its impossible to do this. Everytime we add a new version i need to delete the custom filter and resave it with the extra version number selected. (Also its annoying that you cant edit a filter, you can only add and delete).

The same applies to category, we have several bug categories and then a "Test Script" category, which isnt a bug at all, its a script which needs to be run to test a feature of our application. So it would be good to look at all issues which arent test scripts.

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2005-11-03 06:57

reporter   ~0011585

You can do this with the "Advanced" filter. This changes the dropdowns into multi-select lists. You can then select all but the one you want.

Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram

2005-11-03 07:00

reporter   ~0011586

Yes, but that way it still requires updating for every new version that i add. Ive been trying to create a "Version 6" filter, which automatically ignores the 5.98 version. But both the simple and advanced ways require you to update the filter everytime a new version has been added (and as mentioned previously its difficult to "edit" a filter as you have to delete and recreate from scratch).




2005-12-07 10:40

reporter   ~0011728

This applies to relationships too. I have many times wanted to do a filter like: "All non-resolved bugs that is NOT a child of NNN"



2010-08-23 20:45

reporter   ~0026431

One of the biggest requests from my users. A NOT filter is most often requested for relationships, versions (target & product) and users (reporters & handlers). Anyone have any ideas on how it might be coded?