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0006455mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2006-02-02 16:24
Reporterstevemagruder Assigned To 
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Product Version1.0.0rc3 
Summary0006455: Feature request: Sticky issues should persist from page to page of issues

I would like it to be configurable whether sticky issues will be shown at the top as the user moves from page to page. This would be great for convenience to be able to see the issues I declared sticky at the top no matter what page of issues I'm sitting on. Maybe call the setting "Persist Sticky Issues", and perhaps it should be a per-project setting rather than a sitewide config setting.

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2006-02-02 16:24

reporter   ~0012065

To clarify this, I meant to say that when you have so many issues for a project that pagination of the issues is needed, it would be good if the sticky issues shown at the top no matter what page you are on. In the case of the number of stickies equaling or surpassing the number of issues allowed to display on each page, the fix for that would be to not include stickies in the issue count for the page.