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0006599mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2006-04-24 06:04
ReporterOliverBee Assigned To 
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Product Version1.0.0rc4 
Summary0006599: Don't show all subprojects in a parent project

If I have a parent project containing 5 subprojects I see on view_all_bug_page not only the bugs of the parent project but also all bugs of the 5 subprojects. This is confusing and not very senseful in our company. I would like to change that I can only see the bugs of the current project and not of all subprojects (expect I have filtered for these bugs). Maybe this can be done with a configuration parameter.

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2006-01-19 23:21

reporter   ~0011981

I would echo leaving this behavior configurable.

This feature (visiblity into subprojects) was actually one of the main reasons I selected Mantis over other bug trackers. I plan on having two top-level projects which serve as little more than a mechanism by which to group their sub-projects, making things convenient for the managers.



2006-02-06 02:49

reporter   ~0012094

Ok, maybe a filter for sub-projects resolves my feature request. If I can filter for specific, none or all sub-projects would totally satisfy my request. But the default value for such a filter should be configurable. I prefer a default value to not show the sub-projects and when I understand mlovell right he would need a default value to show all sub-projects (like current behaviour).



2006-02-10 13:46

reporter   ~0012125

The proposals in 0006599:0012094 seem fine with me; being able to configure sub-project visibility seems like a neat feature. Perhaps project View Status (public/private) could be used for this purpose?