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0006645mantisbtemailpublic2006-02-04 05:44
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Summary0006645: Weekly nag email script

Attached below is the PHP script I have deployed to send a weekly reminder email to users. For each enabled user, the script finds

  • open issues they own, which need to be resolved;
  • resolved issues they reported, which need to be closed; and
  • if they manage any projects, new issues which need to be assigned.

In that last group, the new issues are taken only from projects for which that user is listed as a manager.

The script doesn't adhere to the tabbing/space conventions, but I tried to follow all variable-naming conventions and use existing functions when appropriate.

The script was developed against Mantis 1.0.0.rc5.

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2006-01-27 18:44

reporter   ~0012029

This issue needs be marked as a duplicate of 6646. I was not able to upload the PHP file originally and did not realize that an issue had been created.

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