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0006729mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2015-08-27 04:28
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Product Version0.19.3 
Summary0006729: Status of ASSIGNED may exist w/o an assignee
  1. Go to the bug update page.
  2. Change the Status field to "assigned"
  3. Do not set the Assigned To field, or set it to blank
  4. Save changes.

The issue will now show the blue color meaning Assigned, but it will also show up in My View in the Unassigned area. This is, obviously, inconsistent.

If you use the Assign To shortcut form on the View Issue page, both the Assign To and the Status fields get updated appropriately.

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related to 0005266 new unassig issue when changing it from "assigned" to "new" 
related to 0006676 new Block Assignment if Assignee is empty 




2008-05-30 02:23

reporter   ~0017953

Problem still exists, also in v1.1.1.

Makes reporters disregard the status 'assigned' (or treat the issues as new / unassigned), as they cannot 'trust' the 'assigned'-status code.

If the issue isn't assigned to anyone (or; if an assignee is removed / issue is assigned to 'none' / blank), the correct status would be 'new', right? This should be validated & status set automatically.



2010-11-29 07:12

developer   ~0027507

The same also occurs when a previously assigned issue is "unassigned" (i.e. assigned to nobody).

In my opinion, Mantis should not allow status Assigned with no handler. I would suggest the following behavior:

  • When editing an issue, check that handler is set before accepting the change
  • When unassigning an issue, change status to New (actually, to whatever is defined for $g_bug_submit_status)


2015-08-26 14:25

developer   ~0051312

I did some dirty code hacks to change status into NEW when unassigned.
But this should be reviewed in core

Also, this request may be related: unassign when changing status to NEW 0005266

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