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0006815mantisbtadministrationpublic2006-03-09 06:19
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Summary0006815: 0004725: help users to insert the version of sub components

currenlty each component has it's own version (which is good) but when i want to insert a bug to a components which is a sub component of a zend product, i see in it's version list only this component version.
the problem is that i dont know what is the version for the sub component.

i use platform buran (version BuranBetaRC3) and i found a bug in the java component, the only options for the java component are 1.0.0 and so.
I dont know the version that is used in the buran beta rc3 platform.

keep a table (which the auto packaging system will maintain) which will hold each product version it's subcomponents versions.
when i insert n issue to a sub compenent, i'll will see the product versions (in the example above, i'll see the platform versions).
after submit the issue, the mantis will replace the version i inserted (of the platfrom) with the correct version of the sub component (the correct java version from the new table)

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