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0007011mantisbtldappublic2010-04-23 23:22
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Summary0007011: Ability to authenticate against multiple LDAP directories

In our organisation we have distributed development among two companies, each with their own activedirectory.
It would be useful if, on the login page, a user could choose from a dropdown list of locations and then have that determine which LDAP server to authenticate against.

I guess this would also require a 'location' field in the user table

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duplicate of 0009954 new More than one ldap-server 




2006-05-03 02:27

reporter   ~0012770

I'm sure this is feasible, with a minimal amount of work, if you're fine with running a patched version of Mantis, I'm sure I could get this working :) (



2006-07-10 03:44

reporter   ~0013081

I'm very interested in this feature. Can someone tell me if this is going to be part of any feature releases (preferably 1.1)?

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