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0007226mantisbtemailpublic2006-06-23 04:16
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Product Version1.0.3 
Summary0007226: Report email on resolved child issues only if no email for the issue itself is sent

When a user is notified on changes of an issue and its parent issue, he/she gets two notification email upon resolve: one for the issue and one that informs about the resolved child of the parent issue. This is redundant and can lead to many really unnecessary emails. Especially it is complicated for the user to check if the email is about a change the user is already aware of.

Recommendation: Send the email about resolved child issues only to users that don't get the status change notification email on the issue itself.

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2006-06-23 04:16

reporter   ~0013020

PS: The same applies to issues that are set as child-parent: Users that are notified on changes of both issues will get two mails, while one would be sufficent and increase the usability, reduce information overload etc.