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0007227mantisbtreportspublic2024-04-30 08:55
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Summary0007227: Simple custom report engine for mantis...

We needed a few custom reports for mantis to do a little analysis of issues pending for releases. I had a very simple sql based report engine that I ported over to PHP and added a custom_report table (and a few look up tables). When we needed a new report, we got the sql working and added to the list.

I've gotten permission to give this little tool to the community, so here it is.

Additional Information

This is a VERY simple report engine, that formats everything in the select statement. You can justify columns by pre-pending R, C, or L_ for right, center, or left justification to the field name. If the form field is not null, then the contents of that column are shown before running the report.

Note: there is no security checking, we run this on the intranet behind a firewall. You should protect your reports or check parameters for attacks.

We use a few custom fields for determining if a readme note (also a custom field) should be included in our change log (generated from mantis using the fixed_in_version field and the include_in_readme custom field by our build system, NAnt).

You will probably need to modify the sql of the existing reports to match your custom fields (for those reports that use them). They are meant to be used as templates rather than working reports.

Some of the reports we have are:

Resolved Bugs with Resolution Open - used when people update a bug and set it's status to resolved, instead of hitting the resolve bug button.
List Bugs by Fixed In Version
List Open Issues
Closed Bugs with Resolution Open
Tester Close Numbers
Release Notes
Known Issues
Developer Resolve Numbers
Resolution Rates per Week
Open issues assigned to disabled users
Recently resolved and closed issues without fixed_in_version
Recently resolved and closed issues with no readme flag

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2006-06-23 11:22

reporter   ~0013024

You will need to rename the .phx files to php. We put these in a reports directory on the same level as the mantis directory.



2006-09-28 12:19

reporter   ~0013530

Seems your attachements were lost - could you upload them again? Thanks, Peter



2007-01-25 09:06

reporter   ~0013963

I wasn't able to remove the old file links (with the broken attachments), so I uplaoded new ones.



2012-02-20 16:55

reporter   ~0031265

I started working on a very basic plugin that adds custom sql reports:



2024-04-30 08:55

reporter   ~0068876

Check out my query plugin: