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0007365mantisbtadministrationpublic2006-09-29 00:44
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Summary0007365: Showing a bug for a anonymous user

Is it possible to pass on the URL the bug-ig for anonymous user to allow the browsing of the selected bug-id.

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2006-09-29 00:44

manager   ~0013535

I actually implemented such a feature at one point in time, but I ended up reverting the change or never committed it. The approach was about generating an access token that is included in the URL. Once the issue is accessed via the access token the login check is bypassed.

OK, now the issue we need to consider:

  1. Should we export an HTML instead? This way the user can email the issue to the anonymous user.

  2. Should we generate tokens that provides public access to the latest state of the bug? If so, do we provide a token per anonmyous user? Track such tokens and be able to delete them later?

  3. Export the bug to HTML and place it into a publish folder. Each issue will have a guidlike name that doesn't change. The developers can decide to update it as often as needed. This concept can be applied to multiple tokens as well (one token per client). This approach allows ability to update the issue without involving the client.

  4. Ability to add an email to monitor the issue and include the token in the email sent. If the email is removed from the email monitor list, then the token gets deactivated.

I am for implementing the feature once we come up with a hopefully simple solution that works well without over complicating the user experience or the code.

My feel is implementing a decent issue export feature will be the simplest and best approach for this. cc/monitor email would also be ok.

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