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0000747mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2023-03-03 19:09
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Summary0000747: Account preferences (Email on Assigned, etc.) should be on a per-project basis, not global

Any changes to Account Preferences should be on a per-project basis (or selectable with 'Apply Prefences to All Projects' option perhaps?) and not global across all projects.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Select a project
  2. Enable some 'Email on $OPTION' options in Account Prefs
  3. Select another project

options are changed across all projects

Additional Information

Some projects, based on priority may only require notifications of certain attributes, while others may require more careful observation (email notifications on ANY change). Would make a nice option to make it per-project-selectable.

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2001-07-30 09:07

reporter   ~0001107

This is a known issue and is being worked on.



2001-08-15 17:26

reporter   ~0001152

Any ideas on release target prescience?



2001-08-15 17:27

reporter   ~0001153

0.16.0 or 0.17.0

The 0.16.0 release may happen in early September.



2001-09-05 13:08

reporter   ~0001310

We have implemented this feature.

There is a global set of preferences and then preferences per project, if you so choose.

We also changed the email event flag from a checkbox to a choice of: All, None, Associated. This will allow users to only get the email that they really want. If Associated is selected, then any project that a user has reported, been assigned or added bug notes, will receive an email for the appropriate event.

We also disabled an email being sent to the individual that created the event that generates the email. Felt that it was redundant and unnecessary to receive an email that notices yourself that you did something...

Just need to get the mod checked into CVS.



2004-08-05 15:13

reporter   ~0006662

Was this ever ported back into CVS, this would be nice since there are a number of projects that are various projects on our system that our users may be intrested in one but not another.



2008-07-13 09:51

reporter   ~0018414

This functionality is not currently in mantis ( as of 1.2.0a2).

However, since the original bug report, configuration API has been changed a fair bit, and whilst I can't remember exactly how this account preferences are implemented, this would probably be easier to do in the current framework.