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0007479mantisbtcustomizationpublic2019-12-13 18:06
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Summary0007479: Have subprojects have same hierarchy in wiki namespace

In Mantis projects can have subprojects.
With the wiki link, it would be good for that nesting to be maintained.

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2006-09-29 03:22

manager   ~0013549

A project can be a sub-project of multiple projects. Also the list of sub-projects is sort of dynamic. Hence, if we reflect this in the link, then once the sub-project relationship is changed, the wiki link will be broken.

However, in the future it is planned that the structure of the wiki be configurable by allowing the user to decide how the page id is to be calculated. We can have fields like:


The configured value can be:



2006-09-29 04:15

reporter   ~0013553

OK ... makes more sense how it fits into the overall picture.

If most users access the Wiki via Mantis then it probably isn't a major issue at all. A seperate Wiki could be setup for non-mantis stuff.

Thanks for the reply.



2019-12-03 09:46

developer   ~0063176

Considering subprojects multiple inheritance and the impact on wiki should the project hierarchy change, I don't think this should be implemented.

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