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0007808mantisbtfeaturepublic2009-06-26 12:07
ReporterCreatixEA Assigned Tojreese  
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Product Version1.0.6 
Fixed in Version1.2.0a1 
Summary0007808: Strike a resolved bug in notes and links

When linked a bug in notes and links, would it be possible to strike it (like in Bugzilla)

I mean strike using the <strike /> HTML tag.

Would it be possible to extend this feature to all the application ?

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2007-03-09 20:47

reporter   ~0014152

Issue is not platform-specific.



2007-03-09 20:47

reporter   ~0014153

If we wanted to do this, we would not want to use any HTML <strike /> tags; rather we would want to use CSS styles.



2007-03-09 22:03

manager   ~0014157

At the moment if you hover the mouse over the issue hyperlink you will get to know the status and the summary. This is achieved using the title attribute for the anchor (a) tag.

I wonder if people still find this not enough. We can potentially go with the following options:

  • Leave as is.
  • Strike if issue status >= $g_bug_resolved_status_threshold.
  • Strike if issue status >= a new configuration option ($g_bug_strike_status_threshold).

I would be interested to go opinions about this.



2007-03-12 06:44

reporter   ~0014169


I think that it only must be linked with the actual system without any change: if the issue is considered as resolved, it should be striked.

I think it would be too complex to have a specific status to strike it. Maybe confused.



2007-03-12 16:16

reporter   ~0014174

I would leave it as is, based on the hover action.



2007-03-13 23:53

reporter   ~0014178

Victor, I think striking out the bug number of resolved bugs would be useful, even if we already show some info when we hover; striking would be easier to see, because you wouldn't need to hover over it to see it. I have wished for this in the past. And again, we wouldn't actually do <strike>123</strike>; we'd do <span class="resolved">123</span> and set .resolved {text-decoration: line-through;} in the stylesheet. Using "resolved" as the class name may not be the right thing but you get the idea.

I don't think we need a new configuration variable; I think your second suggestion (strike if issue status >= $g_bug_resolved_status_threshold) is good.



2007-03-14 00:55

reporter   ~0014179

Why complexify this simple feature ?

My idea:

  • Same level as resolved
  • A checkbox in configuration that active (or not) a second css: strike.css that redefine the .resolved class

Then the .resolved class is defined by the main css style sheet, and if the checkbox is checked, then a second style sheet "striking.css" complete the .resolved class.

More simple, isn't it ?



2007-07-16 12:15

reporter   ~0015045

General speaking strike tag can be useful when some field, e.g. description, is updated.



2008-06-02 10:01

reporter   ~0017992

Implemented in trunk SVN r5306.

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