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0008232mantisbtfilterspublic2008-05-06 16:43
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Product Version1.1.0a4 
Summary0008232: Wrong permalink for filters with "duplicate of"

When creating a permalink for a filter with the "duplicate of " field set, the resulting link doed not work as the original filter due to a missing "relationship_type" parameter.

For example, compare the following permalinks, the first created with a filter for "has duplicate 7948", the second with the filter "duplicate of 8103"

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2007-09-11 09:12

manager   ~0015607

I've checked this issue and following are the results:

  1. The code for "duplicate of" is 0, hence, it is consider as ANY and hence is not included in the relationship type.

  2. If the user sets the relationship type to "duplicate of" and bug id to XXX, then clicks on the "Relationship" link to edit this info again, the relationship type combobox shows up with "any" selected. This is due to both "any" and "duplicate of" having value of 0.

In my opinion the proper fix for this would be to do the following:

  1. Change the code for "duplicate of" to be something other than 0.

  2. Add an upgrade step which converts existing filters to use the new code. The other option is to increase filter cookie version number and assume that for previous versions, if rel type = 0 and bug type != 0, then the relationship type is duplicate of.

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