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0008309mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2009-11-01 02:12
Reporterpikus Assigned To 
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Product Version1.0.7 
Summary0008309: 'update' changes 'Reporter' and 'Assigned To'

While updating issues reported by users, whose accounts are no longer valid (account disabled) select list defaults to first option and then this change is being stored.
So as a result original reported is being changed.
This also applies to 'Assigned To'.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. create 'test' account;
  2. report an issue using 'test' account;
  3. disable 'test' account;
  4. open page with issue, hit update and check status of select list providing options for 'reporter' - there's no 'test' userid listed there so list defaults to first option;
  5. hit 'Update information' without changing anything - mantis will change 'reporter' from 'test' to first option available in list;
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related to 0010141 feedback Disabled users are no more liste in filter 
related to 0003116 acknowledged If a user reports a bug, and gets purged for inactivity, updating the bug changes the username 


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