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0008332mantisbtadministrationpublic2007-09-04 06:19
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Product Version1.1.0a4 
Summary0008332: bug #00008324 manage_project_threshold problems

I question the correctness on how bug 0008324 was solved. It creates some strange situations.

a) example when a user is created on global level: developer and i give him level: manager on a project. With fix 0008324, and $g_manage_user_threshold = MANAGER; in the config_inc.php file this user will not be able to be a user manager for the project. only if the user is set on global level manager will it work.

This can be fixed with replacing access_has_global_level() with access_has_project_level() in the patch from 0008324.

But then this also has to be done on all manageuser*.php pages like manage_user_page.php

b) (this might has to be created as a new bug report, you decide). If a user is a global manager level it can create new users with level administrator. This should probably not be possible as the user can elevate his own level by using this.

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