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0008506mantisbtfeaturepublic2008-04-22 17:46
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Summary0008506: Add a status "resubmission" or "bring forward" with a date field

Add a status "resubmission","bring forward on" or "scheduled" with a date field where you can enter a "due" date. In German this is called "Wiedervorlage"

The view configuration of that state is like "done" with the little difference that it switches back to e.g. "open" on the previously entered date.
That means this issues is hidden until that date. This way it does not clutter the overview page and other views.

On that date, maybe with a cronjob, the state ob the issue is set to another state and an email could be sent to the asigned person.

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2007-10-24 10:22

reporter   ~0015971

I'd like to vote for this feature - would be very happy to get a "reminder" date field. Even the proposed hiding of so marked issues could be helpfull (should be configurable).



2008-04-22 17:46

reporter   ~0017662

I agree, it would be a very useful feature.
I've already been asked for it in our company.

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