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0008610mantisbtintegrationpublic2010-11-02 17:56
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Product Version1.1.0a3 
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Summary0008610: Display in line an attached freemind map

Will be interesting to view, in line, a freemind map, attached to the issue.

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related to 0007214 new Export issues from mantis to a freemind mindmap 




2007-11-26 07:04

reporter   ~0016285

What is a freemind map? What file format is this? Is it a file format browsers understand? Mantis supports inline display of common image formats but that's of course easy since browsers support displaying images.



2007-11-27 10:59

manager   ~0016305

freemind is an open source application that is used for mind mapping. Mind mapping is the process of brainstorming and mapping your ideas on a document that you can print, share with others, or generate documents from.

0007214 provides a patch for supporting mind map export functionality. It also refers to a mind map flash viewer support which can be used to implement this feature.

I would like to see this feature implemented in 1.2.0 as a plugin.



2007-11-27 16:03

reporter   ~0016306

I use freemind map to do a sort of "rapid" study of client requirements to generate the relative issues, so if in a node of freemind map I insert the link to the issue in mantis you obtain the traceability issue/requirements.

For the map viewing it is possible to use java applet, but I think it is better the flash viewer (at minimum for spread's reasons).



2008-01-19 15:47

reporter   ~0016725

Nice idea!



2010-11-02 17:56

reporter   ~0027227

I've updated the freemind export & browser (0007214) to use the new plugin system since it seems to have been excluded from he core system:

I did not test extensively yet, but for me it seems to work alright.

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