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Summary0008728: Make summary field length adjustable/greater

In other BT systems user can enter much more text into the summary (more than 128 chars). This makes is difficult to migrate from other BTs to Mantis (cause summary must by cut at some point). The same problem is with reporting issues from e-mails.

Please increase summary field length, or make it adjustable: db table field would be for example 512 chars long, but the administrator could set a limit for his system to 256 chars.





2008-01-10 06:03

manager   ~0016614

There is no reason why we don't bump up the max limit to the max possible length for VARCHAR. This is likely to be 250.

As for migration, I would truncate and for those entries that were truncated, end them with "..." and have the full summary written as the first line of the description with a "Summary:" prefix or something similar.

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