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0008854mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2009-06-26 12:02
Reporterbrody Assigned Tograngeway  
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Product Version1.0.7 
Summary0008854: request: direct attachment replacement

I've often the fact, that I update files of an issue. Thus, I have to find the old file, delete it and then upload the new file (with same name)

I request a direct update possibility, if the rights of that user allow, that means, instead of error message "This is a duplicate file. Please delete the file first." the information "This file allready exist. Do you want to update?".

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duplicate of 0007835 new Add "Has patch" flag to improve usefulness of the "Upload File" feature 




2008-02-04 08:19

reporter   ~0016935

My proposal on 0007835 would include this as well, if only I had enough time...



2008-07-30 19:46

reporter   ~0018943

Marking as duplicate of 0007835



2008-08-07 07:27

reporter   ~0019070

@giallu,grangeway: With "duplicate" do you mean the part "Obsoletes" of issue 0007835?

If so, could you tell some details, giallu?

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