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0008859mantisbtauthenticationpublic2008-02-16 19:31
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Summary0008859: Creating a new user while leaving email empty makes no sense

I guess a password is created for that user but nobody knows it ;-)

Solution: email should be mandatory

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2008-02-11 09:38

reporter   ~0017009

according to manual it should create an account w/o password. well, at least for me ist's not working... anybody there to try this ?



2008-02-16 19:31

manager   ~0017082

I think setting password to blank depends on the following conditions:

  1. Send reset password configuration option.
  2. Enable email notification.

It doesn't depend on whether the email address is blank or not. I guess what you are saying here makes sense. If email is blank, then we should also set the password to a blank string.

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