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0008899mantisbtperformancepublic2008-02-16 20:47
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Summary0008899: general ajax-based re-write of UI?

mantis is really cool and it got significantly faster over the years, which I really do appreciate. However, once getting used to all the ajax-UIs popping up (google, zimbra, open-XChange, ....), I'm dreaming of this for mantis as well.

Especially, when searching or reporting issues.

For reporting, the usbaility could be dramatically enhanced if parts of the UI can be added dynamically (e.g. fields not so commonly used), for uploading files, attaching screenshots directly from the clipboard, .... And submitting the issue asynchronously - this will speed up filing multiple issues.

For searching, it would be especially useful to have a quick navigation among issues.

Any plans here already?

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2008-02-16 16:06

reporter   ~0017065

BTW: this could also allow implementation of inserting images in bug notes 0005607



2008-02-16 17:28

reporter   ~0017075

I would really like a more responsive and "cool" interface for mantis, but the "issue" you opened here is really too wide and general.

To discuss this topic, probably mantisbt-dev mailing list (or the forums) would be more appropriate.



2008-02-16 18:58

manager   ~0017078

I think we are all in agreement that this would be cool. The things we have to keep in mind are:

  1. Degrading gracefully when javascript is not enabled.
  2. Finding the developers with the right know how about implementing Web 2.0 applications. I am not sure if any of the current devs is a Javascript / AJAX expert.

So if anyone with the right skills / passion is interested to work towards this direction, then contact us right away.



2008-02-16 20:47

reporter   ~0017084

There are a large number of corporate users who object to a reliance on javascript for proper operation. It interferes with security settings and other add-ons like screen readers for the blind.

If you look through the dev list archives, this has been discussed a few times.

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