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Summary0008939: Lifecycle model for a report in Mantis

Attached is a draft model for the life cycle of a report in Mantis. Since I created this document for our internal purposes obviously some steps are adapted to our processes and might need a rewrite to become more generic.

Original format of the document is Visio (Omnigraffle format is also available), possibly I can send this document in an editable format to people interested in modifying/improving the model.

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2008-03-04 04:33




2008-06-30 09:11

reporter   ~0018235

No comments on this for 4 months? Is the model so perfect it does not need any improvement? Or is it so wrong so the only reasonable next step is to scrap it and start over?



2008-07-01 01:33

manager   ~0018254

That looks like a good example of how a company can use the Mantis workflow. it would be useful if you include the editable visio file.

Thanks for your contribution.



2008-07-15 15:46

reporter   ~0018564


Could you upload your visio file


2008-07-16 05:48


Life cycle of a bug.vsd (84,992 bytes)


2009-04-02 19:17

reporter   ~0021375


Does your process allow Reporter to "Reopen an issue" for refining?
Manage : Manage Configuration : Workflow Thresholds

It seems like there should be an ackknowledged feedback option when issues are closed as not valid, not in scope or not reproducible. Otherwise, the Reporters who are less skilled in bug reporting lose the motivation to contribute.

I also like to include a step when an Issue is resolved asking whether the fix requires a revision to User or Developer documentation.



2009-05-20 16:53

reporter   ~0021865

Would anyone be interested in a graphviz version of this model? I have been looking for a reason to use it.



2010-01-13 08:27

reporter   ~0024137

slestak: Graphviz version would be cool :) We don't use visio ...



2019-12-03 10:31

developer   ~0063183

While interesting, the proposed flowchart is still specific to a given workflow, so it is only useful as an example since it won't be applicable in all cases (e.g. most instances do not allow assigning issues to reporters). As such, I don't think it belongs in the Mantis documentation.

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