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0009028mantisbtemailpublic2010-03-29 10:33
Reporterguli Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
OSMS Windows ServerOS Version2003 Std Edition 
Product Version1.0.6 
Summary0009028: updated Reporter doesn't get notified after an issue has been updated by someone else

mantis version: 1.0.6
running on MS Win Srv 2003 Std. Ed.

I tried the following:

  • A global admin (A) reports an issue
  • he (A) then alters it with "update issue" and changes the reporter to (B) which is a normal user with "reporter" access level and "reporter" project access level
  • he (A) then assigns the issue to (C) which is also a normal user like (B) with the same access rights

-> Under "Manage->Manage Configuration->Email Notifications", all the checkboxes below "User who reported issue" are checked.
-> for user (B), which should receive the change notification emails, all checkboxes in the "My Account->Preferences->Email on *" are checked and their "minimum severity" is set to "any"

In fact, user (B) gets notified only when a "note is added" to the issue, but not on "update issue", "change status" or "assign".

I didn't change "config_defaults_inc.php".
Following an extract of "config_inc.php":
$g_notify_flags['new']['threshold_min'] = DEVELOPER;
$g_notify_flags['new']['threshold_max'] = DEVELOPER;
$g_notify_flags['closed']['reporter'] = OFF;

I tried to add the following but that didn't help:
$g_notify_flags['updated']['reporter'] = ON;
$g_notify_flags['updated']['handler'] = ON;
$g_notify_flags['updated']['monitor'] = ON;
$g_notify_flags['updated']['bugnotes'] = ON;





2009-01-21 16:21

reporter   ~0020678

I'm observing both in 1.1.6 and in a recent version of 1.2 that email notifications are not sent out when multiple status changes occur in one update. I suppose the only way for this to happen is for the issue to be updated via "update issue". The 1.2 test was done on a vanilla installation.



2010-03-23 13:20

reporter   ~0024886


I found quite the opposite.

Despite having:

$g_notify_flags['updated'] = array( 'reporter'  => OFF,
                        'handler'   => OFF,
                        'monitor'   => OFF,
                        'bugnotes'  => OFF,
                        'explicit'    => OFF,
                        'threshold_min' => DEVELOPER,
                        'threshold_max' => MANAGER);

updates are still send to reporters.

We do not want that.

I guess the problem is that there is in the Manage Configuration - E-Mail notifications no checkbox for Updated Issues, so the configuration does not store 'updated' type of notifications.



2010-03-29 10:33

reporter   ~0024926

I have been experiencing an issue similar to this. I cannot get MantisBT to send an email to administrator other than the 'new' bugs.

I need to have all updates to the bug send an email to the administrator so a record is kept and notification is received.

I have tried to change the $g_notifyu_flags [''] = array('' => on/off/sideways); to no avail.

I do not think I am doing something right... is there a better template to turn on all notifications to administrator?