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0009052mantisbtfeaturepublic2008-09-08 19:23
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Summary0009052: A guidance for each item in "Report Issue" screen.

I am pleased to request you to add a function that displays guidance on the title of each item using a function such as "tool tip".

Although such guidance may not be necessary for the items set as default, a custom field uniquely created will need guidance since it may in some cases be difficult to figure out what to enter in the field only by seeing the title. Providing a function to display guidance will help project members to understand what kind of information they need to enter.

For example, supposing that a field like "Root cause of defect" is prepared, I believe a guidance like the following text will lead people to provide a more unified description as required information:

"Be sure to conduct a root cause analysis using 5 Whys method. For example, when a Foo function does not work well, if only a description that the Bar variable is forgot to be initialized is provided, a one-time-only solution could be made causing possible recurrence of the problem. A real root cause analysis will be achieved by analyzing to the extent why the Bar variable is forgot to be initialized and how well the description is given to the design documents. A preventative measure should also be described after such analysis is made."

Also as reported in the Ticket No 4705, "custom fields cannot be added as a textarea" is one of the reason why we want to have such a function. See

Items such as "Description" or "Step to Reproduce" are currently managed to be used to enter a long description changing the name of the title of items and a field of textarea style can only provide three fields at most; therefore, some single fields are used to enter multiple contents. In that case such guidance is considered to be effective as well.

The web page such as MyView is implemented using "title" attribute of Anchor tag, but if a library such as Yahoo UI Library, overLIB or BoxOver is implemented, less time lag is considered to be made until display resulting in the better performance.



2008-04-14 03:52


guidance sample.png (9,619 bytes)   
guidance sample.png (9,619 bytes)   


2008-04-14 04:07

reporter   ~0017594

I second this request.

I think it will also make sense to add the same kind of feature to the pre-defined items.

For instance, each category could be augmented with a short description, so it's easier for the user to pick the right one



2008-04-16 19:27

reporter   ~0017613

Thank you for seconding me. I think the guidance can also be used for describing criteria for each item. For example, "high" can be selected in the impact level when $10,000 will be lost by the issue.



2008-04-17 11:43

reporter   ~0017618

Have you any PHP skills?
this feature shouldn't be too hard to implement, but requires some time to develop, so I could give you some guidance and commit the patch when ready.



2008-04-17 21:05

reporter   ~0017619

Last edited: 2008-04-17 21:08

I have skills of Java and Perl but I don't have PHP skills so much.

Why I am hesitating to say "Yes, I can" since I have not understood a coding style of Mantis enough and I don't have free time so much now. I will try to implement the feature if I can make time, but don't expect me to fall over myself.

I feel sorry for not being able to answer you as you expected even though I receive the benefit of Mantis.

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