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0009083mantisbtemailpublic2014-04-15 05:55
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Summary0009083: Manage Configuration, I want to email Managers for a specific project of new bugs, but not Managers of other projects

I have two Projects, and under one of the Projects I have 4 sub-projects.

=> Manger0

=> SubProj1 => Manger1,
=> SubProj2 => Manger2,
=> SubProj3 => Manger3,
=> SubProj4 => Manger4,

When someone submits a new bug for Subproj3, ALL five Managers are notified, but I only want Manager3 to be notified of the new bug. This scenario is true for any new bug to any new project/subproject and I can't seem to get Mantis to filter out new tickets to only the Mangers of that project/subproject.

Under Manage => Manage Configuration I have the following setup that sends emails to all mangers for new bugs.

All Users || Subproj3 || notify_flags || complex array ('new' => array ('threshold_min' => '70','threshold_max' => '70',),)

I've tried various configurations of this an I end up with either all Managers being notified in all projects or no emails are sent. Maybe I haven't tried them all, but I can't think of what else to change. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if what I'm wanting to do is even possible.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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duplicate of 0005637 confirmed Project based email notification setting 




2008-04-21 11:41

reporter   ~0017641

I found the resolution to this ticket referenced in ticket 0005637. There was originally going to be an update in version 1.1 to handle this, now it's going to be in release 2.0. Feel free to close this ticket.



2008-04-24 03:47

reporter   ~0017676

Thanks for noticing the other issue.

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