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0009147mantisbtadministrationpublic2008-07-14 03:46
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Summary0009147: Please support mass-actions on categories

Currently if one has to delete several categories he have to the following:

  • Delete
  • Confirm
  • Wait for the redirect or click again
  • Scroll back to the categories list

This is bad usability and a pain in the ass to be honest :-) if you have lets say 5 or even more categories to delete, which takes 3-4 actions per category, summing up to 15-20 actions. Therefore I request mass-actions for the category management. It should be possible to select a bunch of items with select fields and then delete or copy them.

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2008-07-14 03:46

manager   ~0018487

I totally agree. Patches are welcome. This applies to several other aspects of the management. For example, versions and others.

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