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0009154mantisbtsecuritypublic2008-06-17 02:48
ReportergialluAssigned Togiallu 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.1.1 
Target Version1.1.2Fixed in Version1.1.2 
Summary0009154: arbitrary file inclusion through user preferences page

Reported by:
SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab /

Vulnerability overview:

Due to unchecked user input, arbitrary files can be included within a PHP require_once() statement. Input length is limited to 32 characters. This vulnerability allows for reading arbitrary files on the affected webserver, as well as code execution if the attacker can put php code in any includable file (which is possible in most scenarios).

Vulnerability description:

Vulnerable files/objects: core/lang_api.php, account_prefs_update.php

Line 37 (in "core/lang_api.php") loads text file with user-supplied language preference.

---cut here---
require_once( $t_langdir . 'strings' . $p_lang . '.txt' );
---cut here---

Proof of concept:

Use account_prefs_update.php to set language to something like:


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2008-05-15 12:44

reporter   ~0017847

A fix was committed in revision 5270. Basically, a validation routine is run on language names passed as form arguments, and the value is used only if it matches one of the existing languages.



2008-06-17 02:41

reporter   ~0018119

Making this public

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MantisBT: master-1.1.x d1fd0451

2008-05-15 16:37:46


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Fix 9154: arbitrary file inclusion through user preferences page

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