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0009192mantisbtwikipublic2008-07-15 03:59
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Product Version1.2.0a1 
Summary0009192: Mantis 1.2.0 + PukiWiki support

I request to support PukiWiki on Mantis 1.2.0.
It is considerably popular WikiClone in Japan.

Additional Information

I've written some patches for Mantis 1.2.0a1 (+ PukiWiki 1.4.7), and it seems to work fine.



2008-05-22 11:20 (5,987 bytes)


2008-05-22 13:54

reporter   ~0017906

The code that you patched in 1.2.x is now intended only for supporting existing/legacy installations. It is greatly preferred that you create a standalone plugin to integrate your wiki with Mantis, that can be distributed, installed, and maintained separately from the Mantis codebase. There will be more documentation on creating your own plugins as soon as time permits.



2008-05-24 11:48

reporter   ~0017913

Thank you for your comment. I will wait for more information without haste.

What class do wikiclone plugins should inherit? MantisWikiPlugin class?
I've created Pukiwiki plugin and it is working.
But I couldn't add the menu link at 'Viewing Issue Simple Details' page because no event (EVENTMENU*) occurred at this point. So now I'm using EVENT_MENU_MAIN event to add it.



2008-05-29 01:41

manager   ~0017937

miyata180, you may want to submit a patch that adds the missing event. jreese, can then review and check-in.

2008-06-02 08:45


menu_ev.tar.gz (765 bytes)

2008-06-02 08:46


menu_event.png (122,834 bytes)   
menu_event.png (122,834 bytes)   


2008-06-02 08:55

reporter   ~0017989

You shouldn't need to hook (or create) any menu events at all if your plugin properly subclasses and implements the MantisWikiPlugin interface; it should automatically get picked up by the Mantis wiki integration and appropriate links should already be created.



2008-06-02 09:09

reporter   ~0017991

I want to add an event at that page, so that I can create my plugin which supports PukiWiki.
I've uploaded 2 files. Please review the following patch which adds the missing event.

menu image: menu_event.png
patch archive: menu_ev.tar.gz

2008-06-04 10:43


Pukiwiki_plugin.tar.gz (2,621 bytes)


2008-06-04 10:43

reporter   ~0018004

I've tried to create PukiWiki plugin using MantisWikiPlugin class, but it was not easy (for me) to display the wiki menu.
Please teach some.

At first, I added the following line to config_inc.php and used my plugin, but the wiki menu was not displayed.

$g_wiki_enable = ON;
$g_wiki_engine = "pukiwiki";

then I found the following lines near the last of function wiki_init() in wiki_api.php.

if ( is_null( event_signal( 'EVENT_WIKI_INIT' ) ) ) {
config_set_global( 'wiki_enable', OFF );

I think the evaluation order is :
(1) config_inc.php --> wiki_enable==ON
(2) wiki_init() (file:wiki_api.php) --> wiki_enable==OFF
(3) my plugin --> couldn't display the menu

I've tried setting the variable 'wiki_enable' to ON in the function hooks() of my plugin as an experiment, then the menu was displayed. But is it right way?
(I think it is not suitable for plugins to set some variables in config_inc.php.)

What should I do for displaying the wiki menu?

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