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Summary0009488: Improve and fix roadmap/changelog listings

The roadmap and changelog are wallowing in their own horrors at the moment. The code for each should be generalized and extracted into a single core API, that can be used to generate the listings and hierarchies automatically.

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parent of 0009358 confirmed Roadmap shows duplicate entries 
parent of 0009357 closeddregad Change Log still shows duplicate entries 
parent of 0008307 closed Roadmap must have checkboxes and menu as VIEW ISUES page have 
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2008-09-24 14:43

reporter   ~0019449

Last edited: 2008-09-24 14:44

Hi jreese.
In my mantis, the change log missed some bugs (compared to a search for issues fixed in a version).
I was trying to find why, looking through the code, but it is a complete mess, it is ilegible.
I check SVN but there is no changes since last 1.2 beta.
If you have the specification [1] of the requeriments for RM/CL, i can try to rewrite it.

[1] Something like:
'An issue with two parents must be shown with its children the first time and alone the second'
OR 'An issue with two parents must be shown always with its children'
OR 'An issue with two parents always must be shown in level zero with all its children and must be shown without children for each of its parents'
OR 'An issue with two parents must be shown for the first parent only'.



2008-11-13 14:44

reporter   ~0019875

Retarget for next major version.



2012-10-16 09:17

developer   ~0033225

Unassigned from jreese as he is no longer actively developing.



2015-08-03 04:56

developer   ~0051187

See the following pull requests that propose enhancements for Changelog

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