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0009503mantisbtrelationshipspublic2008-08-13 10:37
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Summary0009503: Add ability to depend on project versions

It would be really nice to able to specify a dependency on a project version rather than a specific bug.

Say, for example, I have libraries A and B. B depends on A.
A new feature request for B is reported, but this depends on a forthcoming release of A (version 2.0) which contains much refactoring.

At the moment there is no way to encode the dependency "bug XXX (in B) depends on A version 2.0". You can:

  • make the dependency on a specific bug in A, but that is not always the case and this may not be correct anyway if B depends not just on fixing that bug in A, but in A actually being released with that fix in

  • create a "tracking bug" in A which is the "release 2.0 tracker", but that's just a duplicate of the version functionality.

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2008-08-13 10:37

manager   ~0019145

I get your point, but I think that it will complicate the relationships feature. I also think that you always have certain features or bug fixes that you depend on and these features/bug fixes should have a "fixed in version" that you implicitly depend on.

Hence, I think that if we are to implement this, then we can do that by displaying a Version field which has the fixed_in_version for resolved issues and target_version for unresolved issues. Hence, the feature will work exactly the same way as now, but will show this extra attribute as a new column.

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