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CustomReporter Plugin

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CustomReporter is a plugin for MantisBT that allows the selection of a Reporter from a selection list on the Report Issue page, if the current user's access level is equal or above the specified threshold.


  • Allows easy creation of issues on behalf of another user


  • MantisBT 1.2.x


None worth the name :-? but it should be simple enough to implement and use.

  • As for any other MantisBT plugin: deploy the source files in the mantisbt/plugins directory then login as Administrator and go to Manage / Manage Plugins and Install the plugin
  • If desired, click on Custom Reporter Select 1.03 to customize the access level threshold
  • Click on Report Issue and enjoy opening bugs in someone else's name…

See also the plugin's README file

Bugs/Feature Requests

Please report issues or feature requests in the Mantis Bug Tracker.

Feel free to submit fixes via pull requests on Github.

Source code

About the authors

This plug-in was initially written by Carlos Proensa and Cas Nuy. It is currently maintained by Damien Regad.

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