Mantis 1.1.0a4 Released

This is the fourth alpha release for Mantis 1.1.0. It is likely to be the last alpha. The next release is planned to be an rc1 release with which we will branch the code and implement a feature freeze. This release has more than 100 features and bug fixes including addition of MantisConnect SOAP API, Twitter integration, permalink filters, MediaWiki integration, custom relationships, more reporting in summary page, project info page, 6 security fixes and a lot of other fixes and improvements. It is a recommended upgrade for all 1.1.0aX installations.

For Mantis instances that use non-latin characterset, there is no automated upgrade path for data already in the database. Hence, this wiki page guides you through the upgrade process. Please backup before you attempt to upgrade. It is also recommended to test the upgrade process on a backup instance rather than the live one.

I would like to take this chance to announce three new services:

  1. Mantis Blog – The blog will be used for news and updates relating to new features. The old news feature on the home page will be phased out and replaced by the blog. Users are encouraged to subscribe to the blog RSS feed.
  2. Mantis Twitter – Twitter will be used for keeping Mantis users (followers of Mantis twitter) updated with all issues that are resolved in the bug tracker and manual updates that are added relating to releases, etc. If you have a Twitter account, it is recommend that you follow “mantisbt” Twitter account.
  3. Mantis Job Board – There is now a Mantis Job Board that allows the Mantis Community to post and find job posts. The cost for posting a job is $30 per month. The latest jobs also show up on Mantis web pages via the Job Board widget.

Following are other related services:

  • MantisWAP: Access Mantis from your cell phone / PDA.
  • MantisConnect: Access Mantis via Webservice from Java, .NET, Cocoa, and others (the webservice is now included out-of-the-box with 1.1.0a4, however, the client libraries will remain hosted by MantisConnect project):
  • Forums: Mantis support forums.
  • Wiki: Documentation, Requirements, How-To Guides, etc.
  • Bug Tracker: Official Bug Tracker to report Mantis Bugs and Feature requests.
  • Mantis Demo: A demo instance
  • Mantis Manual

6 thoughts on “Mantis 1.1.0a4 Released”

  1. This is a really great product. I’ve been using 1.08 for about a week now and just started customizing 1.1.0a4.

    One feature that I would love to see is all the table elements replaced with DIVs (with associated CSS styles). This would provide a lot more flexibility in terms of customizing the look and feel. For example, the menu items (which should be individual DIVs rather than a pipe-delimited string) could be configured in any format (e.g. vertical or horizontal) just through CSS. Another example are the various status colors — currently there is no way to easily set the foreground color (which would enable a wider range of background colors to be used). This would be easy to do with a CSS style on a DIV, but is no good with a table since there is no ‘color’ propery for TR elements, only ‘bgcolor’. Just some thoughts that I think would really enhance an already great piece of software.

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